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Book Review: The Rise and Fall of Max Linder: The First Cinema Celebrity

book review james l. neibaur max linder

Book review courtesy of James L. Neibaur Back around 1970 there was an informative book entitled Clown Princes and Court Jesters that offered chapters on lesser-known comedians of the silent era. This included some of the true pioneers of the moving image, such as John Bunny, Augustus Carney, and Max Linder. Author Lisa Stein Haven’s new book from Bear Manor Media explores the life, career, and tragic end of Frenchman Linder, citing his lasting significance to film history. Max Linder began in films in 1905, making him the first world-famous movie comedian. Writing his own scenarios early on, Linder’s comic...

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Book Review: Ma and Pa Kettle on Film

book review james l. neibaur ma and pa kettle

Reposted with permission by James L. Neibaur If ever a movie series demanded a book of its own, it is Ma and Pa Kettle. And it's especially grand that Lon and Debra Davis have chosen the project for BearManor Media.   This reviewer once held a free weekly film series for his townspeople at a downtown coffee shop. The bonafide classics of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd, Laurel and Hardy, and W.C. Fields were well attended and enjoyed, but when I would show a Ma and Pa Kettle film, the place was so packed we worried the fire marshall...

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