About Us

Founded in 2001 by Publisher Ben Ohmart, BearManor Media is located in Albany, Georgia, USA, and is known for publishing books on movies, television, Old Time Radio, theater, animation, and previously unpublished scripts. The BearManor Media catalog now features more than 900 outstanding subjects from the obscure to the eminent.

A small press featuring big subjects, our independent commercial publishing house provides nonfiction and fiction subjects in hardcover, trade paperback, and digital releases. Bestselling authors include Charlotte Rae, James Best, Gary Burghoff, Eddie Cantor, Kathy Garver, The Firesign Theatre, The Unknown Comic, Russell Arms, Charlotte Stewart, Bonnie Daniels and lots more.

BearManor Media is considered a leader and innovator in publishing rare autobiographies and biographies of African-American show business legends, famous voice actors, well-known sitcom stars, and celebrated producers, directors, and screenwriters.

The staff boasts fewer than a dozen top industry artists, publicists, and media experts. Our dedicated staff support authors as they head their own campaigns to generate reader excitement through targeted book signings, social media presence, and Internet-based channels.

BearManor Media continues to be a full-range publisher big enough to command respect in the market, yet small enough to preserve reader, writer, and independent retailer loyalty.