This Time It’s Personal: A Monster Kid’s History of Horror Memories and Experiences (hardback)
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This Time It’s Personal: A Monster Kid’s History of Horror Memories and Experiences (hardback)

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From the director and writer behind acclaimed cult classics as The Fields, Camp Dread, Death House and The Special.

"Horror has arrived--and no one loves it more, or knows more about it than Harrison. Consider yourself lucky. He's sharing his fascinating journey through the celluloid world of terror and you have a front row seat." -- Adrienne Barbeau

I was a "Monster Kid" and "The Weird Kid, The Horror Movie Kid." I found out early...horror is always personal.

Now I make horror for a living. It shouldn't just be WATCHED.

Horror should be ENJOYED.

This isn't some stuffy analysis telling you what's good or bad. Instead, it's a tour of the 1930s through the 1980s--a personal account of how the best and worst of this era gave us so many memories and experiences that impacted our own lives. It's fun...just how horror should always be.

Whether it's crowds screaming in terror at Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, Alien, Dawn of the Dead, Sleepaway Camp and so many more; or audiences laughing out loud at The Amityville Horror, Prophecy or Jaws The Revenge--my goal is to show how movies on the big screen or late night cable and home video brought us together. I also examine historical context and its importance to a film's success and why so many reboots and remakes seem to fail.


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"Monster Magic Memories! Harrison shares his personal recollections as to how he became a Monster Kid and WHY horror brought him to his filmmaking career. Horror fans will enjoy and even FEEL a personal connection to his journey through both schlock and genuine cinematic horror. Revealing, oftentimes funny and thoroughly entertaining--this book is a highly recommended gem!"

- Stone Wallace ("The Stephen King of Manitoba")