It All Began With A Scream (ebook)
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It All Began With A Scream (ebook)

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We apologize for not properly crediting Fun World, Div., Easter Unlimited, Inc. for their ownership of the Ghost face mask on the cover of It All Began With A Scream. This is being rectified with a legal note added to the book going forward. 


In 1996, a movie came along that changed the face of horror films forever. Initial signs indicated Scream being a flop upon its release in theaters, but it quickly became a word-of-mouth phenomenon spawning multiple sequels, a television series, and countless imitators.

Twenty-five years later, the impact of Scream is still being felt in films and pop culture. For the first time, get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what it took to make the beloved films–from the people who were there.

With 30 interviews from cast and crew members, It All Began with a Scream provides readers with an unauthorized look at the franchise. From a bidding war for the original script and studio meddling to on-set romances, script leaks, lawsuits, and a beloved director who created a family atmosphere for everyone on his set, find out the story behind Scream.

It All Began with a Scream is a must-read for horror aficionados, film buffs, and anyone fascinated by Hollywood.

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