Born to Be Bad, Part II (hardback)
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Born to Be Bad, Part II (hardback)

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ISBN  9781629333465

ISBN  9781629337173

“Born to be Bad will give you hours of pleasure. It truly is a hive of scum and villainy.”

- Movie Waffler

“Born to be Bad is a must-have for action fans. ★★★★★”

- The Action Elite

“A great sense of peeling back the layers of what went into making critically-lauded and fan favourite cult classics alike so enduringly popular – it’s all about the bad guys.”

- Set The Tape

 “A who’s who of action cinema!”

- Bulletproof Media

“Action-movie maven Timon Singh gets up close and personal with a variety of fave screen villains, including erstwhile Video-Scope Character Kings William Atherton, Ronny Cox, and Martin Kove, in this info-packed tome. Singh's interviews cover several main categories--The Heavies, The Outsiders, The Final Boss---while also devoting sections to two villain-infested individual films, Die Hard and Superman II. Singh casts a wide thespian net here, spanning the spectrum from high-profile actors like David (Straw Dogs) Warner and Andrew (Dirty Harry) Robinson to such rarely heard voices as Matthias Hues and Al Leong, resulting in an invaluable work for genre buffs”.
- Shock Cinema





Enemy reinforcements have arrived!

After surviving the nefarious schemes of his interviewees in Born To Be Bad: Talking to the greatest villains in action cinema, cinephile Timon Singh returns to track down and interview more actors behind the best part of any action movie: The Bad Guy.

From stars who have been in the biggest movies of all time to stuntmen who have faced off against the world’s biggest action stars, Born To Be Bad Part 2 offers fascinating insight and hilarious anecdotes into what it’s like to be cast as a villain in a Hollywood action film.

Whether the actors started off as martial arts champions, graduates of prestigious acting schools or professional body builders, everyone has a different story about how they came to be killed on-screen by some of the most famous names in show business.

Featuring interviews with the likes of Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgement Day), Tony Todd (Candyman), Stephen Lang (Avatar), Scott Adkins (Ip Man 4), Mohammed Qissi (Kickboxer), Tzi Ma (Rapid Fire) and many others, this is an essential read for all fans of action movies!

Introduction by Graham Yost, the screenwriter behind action classics Speed, Broken Arrow and Hard Rain.

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