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Michael Landon: The Career and Artistry of a Television Genius is a long overdue appreciation of Landon’s work as an actor, writer and director across more than three decades of television history.  Included are details of his numerous guest star appearances, his accomplishments as a director, as well as an examination of every episode he wrote for Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie and Highway to Heaven. Illustrated with publicity and production stills, and featuring a foreword written by his wife, Cindy Landon.

“I am grateful that one of Michael’s greatest admirers has devoted an entire book to a serious study of his productions, and I hope readers will appreciate David Greenland’s efforts as much as I do.”
-- Cindy Landon

"MICHAEL LANDON: THE CAREER AND ARTISTRY OF A TELEVISION GENIUS quickly covers Landon’s early life and initial screen career before author David Greenland (respected author of BONANZA VIEWER’S GUIDE and GUNSMOKE CHRONICLES) launches into a lengthy and glowing dissertation of the 330 hours of TV programming Michael produced (“Bonanza”, “Little House on the Prairie”, “Highway to Heaven”, TV movies). “With an IQ of 159 Landon was an authentic genius and he used that gift to make discoveries where no one else thought looking,” writes Greenland. “Michael was concerned with making this world a better place and shared his vision with us for over three decades. Recognizing and celebrating the filmed legacy he left behind is the purpose of this book.” Foreword by Cindy Landon. Well done, David."
- Western Clippings