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Best Book 2018 - Classic Images

Fictional attorney Anthony Petrocelli was first introduced by Barry Newman in The Lawyer (1970), loosely based on real-life Sam Shepperd, a neurosurgeon initially convicted for the 1954 brutal bludgeoning murder of his wife, Marilyn. The success of the pilot Night Games (1974) led to the television series Petrocelli (1974-1976), again starring Newman, and also including Susan Howard and Albert Salmi. It was created by E. Jack Neuman and Sidney J. Furie, produced by Edward K. Milkis and Thomas L. Miller. Each episode followed the search for clues to how and why a crime occurred.


Author Sandra Grabman explores the series’ history, development, cast, and critical reception, as well as behind-the-scenes glimpses, a trivia chapter, an episode guide, the stars’ post-series lives. 


Illustrated with 50 photos. Episode guide. Foreword by Barry Newman. Introduction by Max Allan Collins. Index. 


About the author: Sandra Grabman’s other works include Classic Images’ 2004 Book of the Year, Spotlights & Shadows: The Albert Salmi Story, Plain Beautiful: The Life of Peggy Ann Garner, Pat Buttram, the Rocking-Chair Humorist, No Retakes! (with Wright King), and Lloyd Nolan: An Actor’s Life With Meaning (with Joel Blumberg).


“Now it’s time to enjoy Sandy Grabman’s fun, informative valentine to the best lawyer series of the 1970s, and one of the best of all time.  That’s my verdict.”  -Max Allan Collins.


“Sandy’s book is magnificent! She took my memories, as well as Susan’s and those of other people who were involved in the show, and is presenting them to you, the reader. I hope you’ll enjoy this book as much as I have.” -Barry Newman.

Review by Boyce McClain Collectors' Corner

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